Tuesday, 13 August 2013

GSoC - Week 8

Here's a short summary of this week.

You now have scriptable biases, you can set callbacks similar to scriptable services and have a your very own dynamic playlist biases.
Also added is the new Amarok.Engine.Equalizer object for script access to Amarok's equalizer.
By next week, I should be able to finish the scripting interface as detailed in my proposal, which means I get to work on other stuff, like writing new scripts leveraging the API, and maybe some tests for the scripting interface.

The C++ script console is also undergoing a revamp to use components from the QtScriptDebugger, which means much leaner code with much more functionality.

Thanks for reading, things should get more interesting from next week!

1 comment:

  1. Thanks for the update, Anmol. I think this will be a good base for programmers to work on.

    Please allow me to Digress > The current "Guess Tags From Filename" button in the "Track Details" dialog. Unfortunately,the guessing can be done only one song at a time.

    Are you aware of any script that currently makes it do for multiple songs like for all songs of an album?